Great Judgment Calls Don't Happen By Accident

Dr Noel Tichy guides you in mastering the ultimate act of leadership - making judgment calls. The management sage will conduct the Leadership Judgment Program on 22-24 Oct 2012 at Istana Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Challenge your preconceived notions of judgment

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Noel Tichy has been asked to present his leader's judgment ideas in some of the most respected business periodicals. Read the Full Articles featured in BusinessWeek (Download PDF 1.2MB) and Harvard Business Review (Download PDF 271KB).

The Leadership Judgment Program is designed for leaders to help them make the right calls on People, Strategy and Crisis. Dr Tichy himself will coach you on the guidelines for managing each phase of the leadership processes. Learn by doing through the unique, highly interactive "coaches' clinic" framework of the program.

Judgment doesn't have to be a murky, intangible concept to you anymore!

Make a good judgment call!


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