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Margaret Bridges is the Managing Principal for Strategy-Matters in Asia Pacific. Prior to founding Strategy-Matters, Ms. Bridges worked for Kaplan & Norton’s own private international training and consulting firm, Balanced Scorecard Collaborative (BSCol) as Regional Manager, Africa and Asia Pacific.

This role involved managing Affiliates and partners in South Africa, India, China, Korea, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand as well as being one of the elite trainers and consultants for BSCol in the region specializing in transformational strategy formulation, ‘whole of government’ strategy and being the regional expert for Human Capital and Organisational Development.

During her years of strategy formulation and strategy execution work at BSCol, Ms. Bridges assisted organisations across all of Asia, as well as in Africa and Asia Pacific, to strive for and achieve their strategic destinations using Kaplan & Norton’s best practice Balanced Scorecard methodology. This involved working with clients on all aspects of their strategy such as finance, sales and marketing, manufacturing, distribution, quality, IT etc. In particular, Ms. Bridges has expert knowledge and experience in the area of HR strategy – traditionally one of the most complex areas to develop strategy for.





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