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Companies are constantly being told that innovation is the key feature to success in a rapidly changing world. Yes, there is no doubt that innovation can be the source of competitive advantage however, innovation is not just a matter of hoping to find a new product or idea, and encouraging creative thinking. Smart companies are using systemic and strategic approaches to find new business models that will break through the competition and become industry leaders.

This course will introduce you to a powerful tool that has consistently driven improved performance and increased competitiveness. Used by leading companies in Europe, USA and Asia, Business Concept Innovation (BCI) is a leading edge approach to rethinking how a business operates, and how it can gain competitive advantage in the future.

This programme explores the Business Concept Innovation approach and offers participants the tools and understanding needed to develop new and exciting approaches to business. It is systematic and highly effective approach to putting creativity to work, and breaks through conventional thinking and tired old business models.








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