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One of the most important changes affecting work right now is the movement of Generation X into management positions, soon to be followed by Generation Y. While so much has been written about the characteristics of those people who were brought up in a world of personal computers, the Internet and mobile telephones, not enough attention has been paid to them in the workplace. Are Gen X and Y really different? Based on the latest research, this programme will explore what Gen X & Y bring to the workforce, the challenges they bring, identify the changes taking place already in terms of careers, work expectations, and the ways in which younger staff communicate, contribute and confront our traditional ways of working. I will also look ahead to the changes that are likely to impact over the next decade as Gen X and Y play an increasingly important role in companies and government departments. Changes are already taking place, and they will have even more impact in the future. Therefore, to successfully manage the next decade, your ability to manage the new generations will be critical.


  • Understand the characteristics of Generations X & Y – their workplace expectations and the challenges they create
  • Appreciate the workplace culture and environment that enhances commitment for Gen X & Y
  • Understand how these new generations can contribute and improve your organisation


  • On completion of the programme, participants will have:
  • Developed an understanding of how to manage the expectations of the Gen X & Y at work
  • The techniques needed to get the best from Gen X & Y at work to build your organisation’s strengths
  • An understanding of what it takes to be Gen X & Y’s employer of choice







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