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In an increasingly complex and volatile environment, leaders are constantly finding themselves facing new and more complex challenges. As a decision maker (and up-and-coming leader) making good judgments is important. Most of a leader’s important decisions reside in either people, strategy of crisis. People judgments means getting the right people on your team and developing up-and-comers who themselves demonstrate good judgment.

The Leadership Judgment Program is an intense, highly interactive three-day experience based on action learning programs that have their origins from when he headed Crotonville, GE’s famed Leadership Centre.

The objective of this programme is to help participants and the people around them to make good strategy judgment calls and the best decisions during the occasional but inevitable crisis.

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:
1.Teach and develop leadership capacity in their own organizations;
2.Leave the program with a framework and action plan for making judgments about people, strategy and crisis in their own organization.
3.Leave with action plans for developing judgment in the next generation of leaders.
4.The opportunity to network with international participants offers participants a more global perspective of the industry they operate in and provides more networking opportunities.







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