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The key feature of 21st Century is the environment is constantly changing, often in unpredictable or even chaotic ways, and succeeding in such an environment will be the key task managers and leaders face.

This programme looks at the strategic challenges faced by organisations in the current environment and how to address them. It explains how leading companies deal with the future, and develop strategies to deal with unanticipated contingencies. Developed by Shell more than 40 years ago, scenario analysis addresses management’s greatest challenge ‘reading the path of future change’. We cannot predict the future, but we are able to identify possible futures, and use these in our planning and current strategies. Scenario analysis is a powerful tool, enabling senior managers to identify the opportunities and challenges the future can present, and develop ways to address the alternative paths that future change may take.

This one-day programme will transfer three key skills to senior executives:

  • How to develop meaningful and relevant future scenarios for your organisation
  • How to use scenario analysis to ensure your current strategy is robust enough to deal with future change
  • How to develop insights that will keep you in touch with change, and develop foresight as to where your industry is heading

  • By looking at future scenarios we can identify the risks that we may need to manage, and the potential of the future for business competitiveness. Scenario analysis is a key part of any senior manger’s toolkit and invaluable skill for those seeking to work out how to keep their business running successfully in the face of rapid and often unpredictable change.


  • A thorough understanding of scenario analysis and its application
  • Developed and practiced skills in building future scenarios for your organisation
  • Explored how to use scenarios in managing future risk, and in identifying future opportunities
  • A technique of identifying customers and opportunities to increase market share and the performance strength of your organisation







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