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| Malcolm Gladwell For The First Time In Malaysia In 2013

The brilliant Malcolm Gladwell, a globally renowned thinker extraordinaire, will challenge your views on success and what can help you achieve it. The answers might surprise you! Find out more about Gladwell's exclusive forum "How Success I Made?", coming up in 2013 ... more >

| Noel Tichy – Great Judgment Calls Don't Happen By Accident

Dr Noel Tichy is one of the world’s for-most thinkers and practitioners in leadership who will be in KL with Chris DeRose to guide you in mastering the ultimate act of leadership – making judgment calls. The management sage will conduct a Leadership Judgment Program at the Istana Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on 22-24 Oct 2012. Challenge your preconceived notions of judgment ... more >

| Snapshots of Ram Charan's Johor Program

Ram Charan, the man named by Forbes Magazine as one of the most influential living management thinkers, delivered his premier seminar in Johor on 3 Oct 2012. View photos from the event and find out what leadership insights the business guru shared ... more >

| Clean Water Aid

| Innovation Challenge Programme

Clean Water Aid


80% of the world's population doesn't have ready access to clean potable water; for over 1 billion people, their only source of water is contaminated. 100 million children die every year from waterborne diseases. Through programmes designed to raise awareness of this plight and association with partners committed to bringing clean and safe water to people in developing areas we hope to make a difference.
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Innovation Challenge Programme


Most companies recognise innovation as important, less than half of them are getting it right. Research has shown that the underlying causes of these problems are constant over time and across industries. To learn more to arrange a presentation to relevant stakeholders within your organisation.
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| Smart Intelligence Challenge

Smart Intelligence Challenge


Urban Forum (UF) has designed a fun and exciting format referred to as the 'Smart Intelligence Challenge' (SI) to develop individuals (students and adults) to be better equipped to survive the 21st century.
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| News / Services Update

Online Learning

Coming Soon to You delivered directly to your computer over the Internet featuring our experts, business icons, and thought leaders, Urban Forum offer a convenient, affordable and effective way to use the Internet to learn new valuable skills and get your questions answered by our Urban Minds - without needing to travel away from home, leave the office, or disrupt your busy schedule.
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