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Jason Cotton is a leading specialist in Innovation, Change, Negotiation and Strategic Relationships.


He began his career as an Industrial Chemist before moving into a career in Innovation with Orica (previously ICI) LIVE WIRE programme. The Orica LIVE WIRE Programme was widely recognised at the time as a best practice programme in Corporate Innovation. This recognition enabled Jason participation in Gary Hamel's Strategos Institute's Innovation Academy in San Francisco.


Jason now works with global companies such as Austrade, Cisco and BASF operating in the APAC region to improve their people's management and leadership skills. He has facilitated leadership programmes with CitiPower, South East Water, and Powercor in Australia, The Tianjin Municipal Government, SimsMetal, Kodak (China). The Department of Human Services, The Maribrynong City Council, The Hume City Council, and CSL (Commonwealth Serum Laboratories), The Victorian Government Solicitors Office (Australia), Ho Chi Minh TV, Ministry of Science and Technology (Vietnam),


Jason has developed and taught a number of Masters level Entrepreneurship subjects and graduate in house corporate programs for both Swinburne University and RMIT University (Australia) such as an in-house MBA at Boeing and in-house MBA at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. He has facilitated at the Tianjin University and the Nankai University in China; Guandong Finance Bureau and the Tianjin Government Leaders Programme conducted in Melbourne, giving him significant teaching and facilitation experience in many cultural environments.


Jason is an accredited administrator of the MBTI™ EIR and FIRO-B™ instruments and is currently the subject convenor for Negotiation Skills and Strategic Relationships in the Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship (AGSE) as well as lecturing Corporate Entrepreneurship and, Negotiation and Strategic Relationships for final year students.

  • Creative Thinking Techniques and Discovering Opportunities
  • Evaluating Opportunities
  • Business Concept Innovation
  • Constructing an Innovation Business Plan
  • Establishing an Organisation Innovation System
  • Leading Innovation in Organisations
  • How to Pitch a Business /Innovation Idea
  • Innovation Challenge Programme
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