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Urban Forum puts your company in contact with brilliant international minds in business. We work with the leading academics, iconic CEOs and the most influential business writers and thinkers.


We design programmes for in-company learning where participants may range from director-level executives, to top managers, to high-potential future leaders.

Urban Forum has the capacity to manage every element of the operational process behind the creation of a successful event / learning programme by:

  • Selecting the speakers most appropriate for your needs
  • Developing a detailed schedule of what material will be covered during the programme
  • Selecting the appropriate venue
  • Producing supporting material

Our unique network allows us to propose in-company learning programmes to fit any knowledge requirement.

  • Enhanced management meetings, where leading management experts work together with executives to develop key skills and knowledge within your organization.
  • Seminars and work groups focused on developing a specific area of knowledge for your organisation.
  • Multi-day, multi-speaker conventions & Exhibitions to inspire and develop key competencies for your business and aid in transmitting fundamental strategic messages through your organization.


Urban Forum events are multi-dimensional learning experiences that employ a range of techniques to make the programmes enjoyable, dynamic and effective.


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