| Ram Charan – Snapshots from the Business Guru’s Seminar in Johor

Johor played host to a business training event of world-class rank. Dr Ram Charan, the renowned business guru to Fortune 500 executives, held his first-ever seminar and dialogue in Malaysia’s southern gateway state. 180 participants from leading Malaysian companies and institutions attended the event in the elegant Thistle hotel on 3rd Oct 2012.

True to his signature style of basing advice on real-life examples, Dr Charan shared his rich experience in the management of talent and leadership for top global companies.

The business guru gave his elite audience advice on building a successful leadership pipeline. Among the tips were ideas on:

1. How to master a person’s raw natural talent
2. How to identify the kind of mentoring experiences that would enhance a person’s natural talent
3. What negative aspects might hinder this person to become a great leader
4. How to put the right people on the right job
5. How to identify the talent requirement for each critical job

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Event Photo


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