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Exclusively designed for experienced senior executives and CEOs these forums are most suitable for those who have substantial responsibility for the leadership and strategic direction of their organisations. Participants come from a variety of industries, sectors and countries throughout the region to this world-class learning experience. Held over 2 or more days, the combination of international facilitators and the diversity of the experience and expertise in the participant mix provides a rich source of peer networking, exchange and learning. The forums are limited to small groups and participants' experience.

Guru events are one-day seminars delivered by speakers of impeccable standards. They are acknowledged as experts and in some cases is the creator or benchmark. The purpose of these events is to transfer knowledge and provide ideas for organisations to grow and prosper.


Guru events are an excellent platform for branding and positioning of organizations, networking with the highest level decision makers in the country while at the same time updating senior executive on the latest management thinking. Provided early notice is given one-on-one consultation can also be organised.

Summits consist of a combination of multiple expert and practitioner speakers, both international and local, speaking on a particular topic. Summits are usually two-three day events with

  • Plenary and track sessions,
  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions

Summits provide an excellent platform for exhibiting your products and services to a targeted audience and allows senior executives the opportunity to network and exchange information and ideas with like-minded peers.


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